35 MPG Used Cars

It has happened to us all. We sit at the gas pump and pour gallon after gallon of that precious petroleum into our cars and the price on the pump is flying upward while the number of gallons put in seems to creep up too slowly.  


By questioning the different features of hybrid cars it becomes possible to identify the most practical, affordable, and sensible hybrid car option. 

You do some quick math and realize that it’s going to cost you 10 or 20 bucks just to make a trip that used to cost 4 or 5. At least this affects everybody, you say to yourself. Then someone pulls up next to us in a small, sleek looking car, spends two minutes filling up and as they leave they tell someone that they are good for another couple hundred miles. It’s time to look into more fuel efficient cars.

And why not, with gas soaring to near record prices and the promise of only higher prices to come. Perhaps it is time to look at a new car that gets better gas mileage. It’s certainly not that there aren’t any out there to choose from. There are dozens of models available today that get 35 miles per gallon of EPA estimated mileage on the highway and more are being added every year. They come in all forms, from subcompacts, to midsized family and even luxury cars. You’d like to have a new car, but the economy is so bad, you just can’t swing the huge payment and suck up the depreciation. That’s where used cars come in. Buying a used 35 mpg car makes even more sense. You can let the original owner absorb the hefty depreciation that accompanies new car purchase, and you can drive an almost new 35 mpg car for thousands less than it cost new. With many auto makers now offering huge warranties that may go for 100 thousand miles, you will still get all of the benefits of buying new without the loss.

Who Makes Good 35 MPG Cars?

Just about every auto maker has some kind of 35 mpg car in their lineup. While the federal government is toying with making 35 mpg a requirement by 2020, it is likely that will be a moot point, as the public demand for more efficient cars will likely have pushed the envelope further than that in only few years. While different cars appeal to different people some of the best auto makers to look at when considering a 35 mpg car are listed here.

American Brands

An important consideration these days is buying American. Unfortunately buying an American brand doesn’t imply the car was made in America. Many of the American car makers are having their cars made in Mexico or other countries where the standards are inferior to what we consider American craftsmanship. When considering buying an American made car, find out first where it’s actually made. This even applies to 35 mpg cars, such as the Chevy Aveo or the Ford Fiesta; both are assembled in third world countries such as Mexico or Colombia.

Import Brands

The flip side of that coin is that just because a brand is foreign owned doesn’t mean it was built right here in the USA employing American workers. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi. All of these big name Japanese companies have cars that are assembled in America by Americans and sold to Americans. Some of the top 35 mpg cars are also made by these companies. Toyota has the current king of the miles per gallon war, the Prius, with its hybrid engine setup returning 51 miles per gallon in the city and 49 miles per gallon on the highway. Honda makes the Insight, the Civic, and the Civic hybrid, all of which are 35 mpg cars. They Civic Hybrid in fact, achieve 44 miles per gallon according to the EPA estimated ratings whether it is driven in the city or on the highway. Nissan has produced the first electric car to hit the streets, called the Leaf. The EPA has given it a 90+ miles per gallon equivalent rating. It is good for almost 100 miles between charges and with federal and state bonus’ it can be had for a very reasonable price. The Korean Hyundai is also making a charge into the 35 mpg car crowd. Once considered a second class car company, they have reinvented themselves and kept their eye on being a top tier auto maker. It would seem they have succeeded with cars like the 40 miles per gallon elantra or the 40 mile per gallon Sonata Hybrid.

What To Consider When Buying Used?

As with any used car purchase, make sure you know what you are getting before you sign anything. Researching ahead of time is of key importance and you should have the car you have settled on getting inspected by a 3rd party mechanic before the transaction is complete.

Where To Find More Information Online

Likely the first place you should go when you are going to be researching any kind of car purchase. They have links to cars for sale as well as tons of research information about all models from past years and present.  They have extensive listings of the features available and the specs including pricing information for cars of various years. You will also find both professional and consumer reviews of the cars you are researching posted on their site. For more information, go to


One of the best places to look at cars for sale online is It is one of the internet’s largest auto malls and has listing of thousands of cars for sale from both dealers and private parties. They have a powerful search engine to help you refine your results to just the kind of cars you want to see as well as only showing results from the location you are comfortable shopping in. More information can be found at


When you are shopping for a 35 mpg car, you want to make sure you are actually getting what you think you are. One of the best places to research miles per gallon estimates is at the source. They have endless helpful and educational information on their site, which is located at