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  • Top 35MPG Cars

    If you are shopping around for 35MPG cars you will find you get a lot of selection. Many different carmakers are making 35MPG cars so that consumers can get fuel efficient offerings. There are 35MPG cars made by carmakers like Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Hyundai, and many more. As time passes and hybrids continue to be in high demand, you can anticipate and even greater selection of 35MPG cars on the market. Full Story »

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    New Cheap 35 MPG Cars

    While a 35 mpg car certainly isn't magic, if you are moving into one from a 12 mpg car, it may certainly seem like it. In reality, the ability of these cars to get this kind of fuel efficiency is simply a case of modern computer aided design and engineering. Sure, there have been 35 mpg cars in the past; however, they are not the same cars as the 35 mpg cars of today.  Full Story »

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    Large 35 MPG Cars

    Technology has come a long way; it has allowed us to drive in cars that achieve over 35 miles per gallon the highway according to the EPA estimates. This is most often done in the small subcompact car segment, where light weight can be more easily attained and also where the highest possible miles per gallon is one of the large selling points. Full Story »

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    35 MPG Used Cars

    It has happened to us all. We sit at the gas pump and pour gallon after gallon of that precious petroleum into our cars and the price on the pump is flying upward while the number of gallons put in seems to creep up too slowly. You do some quick math and realize that it’s going to cost you 10 or 20 bucks just to make a trip that used to cost 4 or 5. At least this affects everybody, you say to yourself. Then someone pulls up next to us in a small, sleek looking car, spends two minutes filling up and as they leave they tell someone that they are good for another couple hundred miles. It’s time to look into more fuel efficient cars. Full Story »